About Spooky Sarah

Spooky Sarah Stubbs is an online content creator with a passion for all things pop culture, especially food and horror. The latter were both early passions of Sarah’s. Her mother taught her how to cook at a young age fostering that passion. Additionally, her mother was instrumental in her love of horror movies showing her movies like House on Haunted Hill and all of the Universal Monster movies before the age of 10. All of these passions played into her creating Spooky Sarah Says as well as her other projects.

Sarah co-founded the site Geeks Who Eat with her husband Matthew in 2015 and is the co-host of Final Girls Feast.

Spooky Sarah

Spooky Sarah on the Air Waves

Sarah is also the founder of the 100 Horror Movies in 92 Days Challenge. The challenge runs annually from August 1st through October 31st. The goal is to watch at least 100 horror movies you haven’t seen in 92 days.

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