8 Gastro Horror Delights Playing at Chattanooga Film Fest 2024

We’re only a few months away from my favorite time of year! That’s right, it’s time to head back to Cinema Summer Camp aka Chattanooga Film Festival in June! I thought it would be fun to round up some of the programming I’m especially excited about, all of which is virtual!

Cannibal Mukbang

Of course, the programming I am thrilled to share is all gastro horror or gastro horror adjacent. From cannibal mukbangs to James Beard Award-winning chefs, there is something for every palette.

  • Butterscotch A young bully bites off more than he can chew when he messes with the wrong old man in a nursing home.
  • Cannibal Mukbang An introverted nerd finds himself dangerously deep inside the crazy world of mukbanging after he falls head over heels for a mysterious woman.
  • Good Girls Get Fed Held under surveillance, three female strangers are forced to perform twisted challenges for food as failures mount and their secret escape plan is thrust into peril.
  • Gum An obsessive gum chewer works through the night to meet a deadline. As he chews…sinister things begin to happen.
  • Hot Soda Outraged over the approval to double the fracking operations devastating her hometown, a young woman is forced by her sick father to serve the fracking company’s CEO when he dines at their failing restaurant. (this one is less horror but still gastro themed)
  • Madame Hattori’s Izakaya Madame Hattori’s Izakaya is a thriller short film about a renowned chef and the twisted evening of her coveted private dinner.

    Madame Hattori’s Izakaya

  • The Thaw In 19th century Vermont, a young woman’s parents drink sleeping tea in order to survive the harsh winter, but an early thaw leads to horrifying results.
  • Two Women Make a Lunch Plans Two women—who have neither seen nor heard from one another in quite some time—run into each other while out and about and make a plan to get lunch sometime in the future.

If you’re interested in seeing any of the films mentioned above, you can still pick up a virtual or a hybrid badge (if you plan on going in person)! The Virtual VIP Badge includes all access to the Chattanooga Film Festival 2024 Eventive Virtual Festival platform and an invite to their Fans & Filmmakers Discord Server. This provides access to every one of the virtual screenings, virtual special events, filmmaker chats, and even the INFAMOUS RED EYE SECRET SCREENINGS, which are exclusive to the virtual platform! Additionally, there are some individual virtual tickets left for select movies so be sure to take a look at that option as well! In any case, come join the fun! It’s always a blast and you’re sure to see some great films!

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