5 Brooklyn Horror Film Festival 2022 Offerings I’m Excited About

Brooklyn Horror Film Fest Y’all know I love a good film festival. Someday I hope I’ll be wealthy enough to travel to the major horror film fests. However, until then, I am happy to cover them remotely! This year is the first time I’ve covered the Brooklyn Horror Film Festival! There is a TON of great programming and I’ve put together a list of a few of the things I’m looking forward to covering.

I’ve included links to buy tickets if you’re in the Brooklyn area. Sadly, this festival is in-person only but have no fear! There is a good chance that these films will land on streaming at some point or even a fest near you! So read on and enjoy!

  • Aftertaste “Struggling through her own personal trauma, a chef is put through the wringer by her cold-hearted new boss on the first day of work in a high-pressure kitchen.” (Part of the Nightmare Fuel Shorts Block: Wed, Oct 19th, 2:15 PM @ Williamsburg Cinema #7) Aftertaste
  • Sinphony “Ghosts, witches, parasites, and more populate the nine segments in this ambitious and uniquely conceived anthology. Born out of the social audio app Clubhouse, Sinphony introduces a new crop of horror filmmakers who pack as much energy and unpredictability as possible into their respective shorts, resulting in a lively omnibus that never lets up.” (Mon, Oct 17th, 2:00 PM @ Shudder Theater (Williamsburg Cinema #6)) Sinphony
  • Mother Superior “Sigrun Fink, an anesthesiologist-in-training, agrees to work as an in-home nurse for an aging Baroness in her dilapidated manor. The old woman, once director of an Aryan maternity ward, might be able to help Sigrun locate her real parents—a mystery she’s been tormented by her entire life. Although answers quickly begin to reveal themselves, they come at a high price, one of dangerous folk magic and insidious occult ideals.” (Sat, Oct 15th, 5:40 PM @ Shudder Theater (Williamsburg Cinema #6)) Mother superior
  • Influencer “While struggling on a solo backpacking trip in Thailand, social media influencer Madison meets CW, who travels with ease and shows her a more uninhibited way of living. But CW’s interest in her takes a darker turn.” (Sun, Oct 16th, 9:15 PM @ Shudder Theater (Williamsburg Cinema #6)) Influencer
  • Megalomaniac “Felix and Martha, the two offspring of legendary serial murderer The Skinner of Mons, grapple with the grotesque legacy bequeathed to them. While Martha works a menial janitorial job, Felix continues his father’s reign of terror. But following a brutal attack at work, Martha quickly descends into madness, finding she must come to terms with the infamous blood that flows through her veins.” (Wed, Oct 19th, 4:00 PM @ Shudder Theater (Williamsburg Cinema #6)) megalomaniac

The Brooklyn Horror Film Festival is running from October 13-20, 2022 with screenings at Nitehawk Cinema Williamsburg and Williamsburg Cinemas. If you aren’t in the area to attend, I’ve added the Letterboxd links to the films I am looking forward to so that you can add them to your own watchlist. I’ll also have a Brooklyn Horror Film Festival Letterboxd List of what I watch. Additionally, I will be posting review coverage here so be sure to check back! Meanwhile, feel free to check out my other reviews!

BHFF Line up

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