10 Horror Films Worth Checking Out on Arrow Player

As I mentioned in my Shudder article last week, I really want to create lists of horror movies I enjoy on various platforms. There is so much great content out there and I would love to share more of my favorites with everyone. Especially since the 100 Horror Movies In 92 Days Challenge is almost a month in now! Today I’ll be talking about Arrow Player, the streaming service of Arrow Video!

Arrow Player offers “exclusive new cult films, a purely curated collection (by the folks at Arrow) of cult classics, original and new videos that dive deeper into the world of the dark, different and bizarre, and much, much more.”

  • Return of the Killer Tomatoes “Crazy old Professor Gangreen has developed a way to make tomatoes look human for a second invasion.” I enjoy this entry in the Killer Tomatoes franchise more than the first. It has better production value and the story is more fun! Return of the Killer Tomatoes
  • Blood Rage “In 1974, Terry commits a murder and pins it on his twin brother, Todd. Ten years later, Todd escapes from a mental institution on the same day as Terry’s murderous instincts resurface.” If you are looking for Thanksgiving horror, this is a great addition to your watchlist. Foodies would also enjoy the Final Girls Feast episode about it! Blood Rage
  • The Stylist “Claire seems to live a normal life as a hairstylist by day, lending a sympathetic ear to the women who visit her chair and encouraging them to unburden themselves as she works her magic. But for an unlucky few, Claire’s interest grows more sinister, and she begins coveting their lifestyles…and sometimes their very lives. Her client Olivia has everything Claire wants: a devoted fiancé, robust friend group, successful career, and confident demeanor. When Olivia makes the well-intentioned mistake of asking Claire to style her hair for her wedding, Claire becomes obsessed, and her unassuming, meek demeanor slowly gives way to her inner demons.” This movie is visually stunning as is the costuming. I would love to see this as a double feature with A24’s In Fabric. The Stylist
  • Threshold “A sister, claiming to be cursed, persuades her brother to embark on a cross country road trip to break her spell.” I originally saw this one during Salem Horror Fest. I enjoyed it then, but a second watch for an episode of Final Girls Feast made me love it! This is a really great addition to the modern folk horror pantheon. Threshold
  • Jug Face – [EDITORS NOTE: Sadly, since this post was created, Jug Face is no longer on the service] “The pit has spoken. Dawai, the potter of a backwoods community, has crafted a face on a ceramic jug of the person that the pit wants sacrificed. Ada, pregnant with her brother’s child, has seen her face on the jug and hides it in the woods, determined to save the life of her unborn. If she does not sacrifice herself, however, the creature from the pit will kill everyone in the village until she does.” Jug Face is a great piece of folk horror. Lauren Ashley Carter is really incredible in it as well. If you enjoy her in this, be sure to also go watch Imitation Girl! Jug Face
  • The Happiness of the Katakuris – “The Katakuri family has just opened their guest house in the mountains. Unfortunately, their first guest commits suicide and in order to avoid trouble, they decide to bury him in the backyard. Things get way more complicated when their second guest, a famous sumo wrestler, dies while having sex with his underage girlfriend and the grave behind the house starts to fill up more and more.” In typical Takashi Miike fashion, this movie is completely bonkers. It feels like Mary Poppins meet zombies. If you watch this one, you definitely won’t forget it. Happiness of the Katakuris
  • The Stuff – [EDITORS NOTE: Sadly, since this post was created, The Stuff is no longer on the service] “Amalgamated Dairies hires David Rutherford, an FBI man turned industrial saboteur, to investigate a popular new product called “the Stuff,” a new dessert product that is blowing ice cream sales out of the water. Nobody knows how it’s made or what’s in it, but people are lining up to buy it. It’s got a delicious flavor to die for!” Food horror at its finest! If you haven’t seen this classic, you are really missing out. The Stuff
  • Ringu – “A mysterious video has been linked to a number of deaths, and when an inquisitive journalist finds the tape and views it herself, she sets in motion a chain of events that puts her own life in danger.” This is the film that really can be credited for the explosion of American remakes of Japanese titles. This is definitely a must-watch for horror fans and a gateway film into Japanese horror. Ringu
  • Season of the Witch (Hungry Wives) – “Joan Mitchell is an unhappy, middle-aged suburban housewife with an uncommunicative businessman husband and a distant 19-year-old daughter on the verge of moving out of the house. Frustrated at her current situation, Joan seeks solace in witchcraft after visiting a local tarot reader and leader of a secret black arts wicca set, who inspires Joan to follow her own path. After dabbling in witchcraft and believing she has become a real witch, Joan withdraws into a fantasy world and sinks deeper and deeper into her new lifestyle until the line between fantasy and reality becomes blurred.” If you are tired of zombies but want to check out more of George Romero’s work, I definitely recommend this one. It feels like a bit of a fever dream at times but is really well done. Season of the Witch
  • Death Line – [EDITORS NOTE: Sadly, since this post was created, Death Line is no longer on the service] “When a prominent politician and a beautiful young woman vanish inside a London subway station, Scotland Yard’s Inspector Calhoun (Donald Pleasence of Halloween) investigates and makes a horrifying discovery. Not only did a group of 19th-century tunnel workers survive a cave-in, but they lived for years in a secret underground enclave by consuming the flesh of their own dead. Now the lone descendant of this grisly tribe has surfaced, prowling the streets for fresh victims and a new mate.” This movie is sort of like The Hills Have Eyes set in London. So if you liked that film, you’ll likely like this one as well! Death Line

I hope this list helps you find something fun to watch that you’ve never seen or even checking out a new streaming platform! For those of you on Letterboxd, you can find the list of films here to add them to your watchlist! What is also pretty neat about Arrow Player is that they are currently offering a 30-day trial for free! After that, they are only $4.99/month or $49.99/year. You really can’t beat that for the content! Which streaming platform would you like me to tackle next? Let me know in the comments below!

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